Guided Walks (Various Dates)

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Let’s face it, having a dog can be pretty awesome!

Part of the reason for that is the social aspect that having a dog entails. So why not take full advantage to make new friends in your area and come along to a local guided social walk event.

‚Ä®Just don’t forget to bring the camera!

All information regarding the walk will be submitted on this event post as and when relevant.

Meet up rules and things you need to know;

1. The walks are organised free of charge, however, we do like to bring along a charity bucket. At the end of the year, all contributions from various events are counted and given to one of our elected animal charities. All contributions are welcome.

2. All guide leaders are trained in first aid and qualified in various aspects of animal handling, training and behaviour and we welcome any questions you might want to ask. However, you as the owner are fully responsible and liable for your dog (and children) throughout the walk. So please don’t ask our guides or other participants to handle your dog (or children) for you…you will be politely told no.

3. Due to the social aspect of the event, it can be tempting to use this as an opportunity to ‘practice’ on other dogs for dogs with social problems. Please don’t! Not only will this be highly stressful for your dog, but it is also unfair to expect other group members and their dogs to be part of such a set up without their permission. Everyone who attends has the equal right to enjoy the walk, make friends and just have fun. So if your dog does have social problems, please leave them at home. However, you’re still welcome to come along and enjoy the social aspect yourself and ask our guides advice on how to resolve this behaviour in other ways on other days.

4. We care about our environment and have a strict policy of leaving only our footprints behind. Therefore you are responsible for cleaning and disposing of all waste materials you bring on the walk – including your dog’s poop!

5. Have fun, play safely and make lots of friends!