About Us


Because we love & know dogs!

Clever Dogs Training School Ltd has been successfully working within the dog training industry since 2010 and is approved by many training bodies, most recently the IMDT. We are dedicated to teaching owners and dogs alike in basic and advanced obedience and is tailored to suit the needs of the modern day dog owner. With our services available throughout West Yorkshire, you can be sure that we can accommodate all your doggy needs.

Whether you have owned many dogs in the past or are new to the world of dog ownership, we are there to support everyone at every level and hopefully have fun along the way too!

With a highly qualified and experienced team, we are confident that together we can help you raise an outstanding addition to any family, even if that member may have four legs and likes to slobber a lot.

We can help and support you with any behavioural issues you may be experiencing by designing a realistic and comprehensive plan to work towards resolving the issue.

We can also provide you with additional services, such as our School Facility. With the ever increasing workload that many of our clients experience, we are often asked to socialise and train our clients dogs through the day, as being left too long is not just boring for the dog, but boredom itself can often lead to behavioural issues, such as chewing the furniture or territorial issues so by providing a service that allows us to train and socialise your dog through the day, that leaves you free to get on with your day knowing your dog is having the time of their life.

Kaley Howland

Clever Dogs Training School Ltd is run and managed by Kaley Howland, she’s worked for a number of years in the training fields and has experience of a number of specialisms including gun dogs, search and rescue, agility, freestyle and tracking but her roots have always led her back to obedience work. 

Kaley’s time and experience in the training field has also led her to working with dogs that have behavioural issues, most predominantly aggression and this is where most of Kaley’s time is now spent. 

Kaley has worked together with a number of veterinarians, hydro therapists, physiotherapists, kennels rescue centres and other trainers/behaviourists in and around West Yorkshire and has previously worked with sled dogs in Sweden. 

Clever Dogs Training School Ltd was founded in 2006 and has since gone from strength to strength. During this time Kaley has gained a number of accreditations such as ADTB, IMDT, PPG and is currently working towards her accreditation with COAPE whilst also currently in her fourth year of studying to achieve her BSc (Hons) Psychology degree. 

In addition to this, Kaley has attended numerous workshops, courses and networking events. 

Kaley is also an avid animal welfare and rights campaigner and regularly works with both Born Free Foundation and IFAW. Her work in wild animal behaviour and conservation has led her to working with primates and wild game at Lilongwe and is set to work alongside Dr Johan Joubert and his team at Shamwari in April 2017.